21 Social Media Articles the Supply Chain Should Read

21 Social Media Articles the Supply Chain Should Read

This list of social media articles includes useful information for both people who rarely use social networking sites and for more advanced users.

We’ve been using this space to write about social media a lot lately. That’s partly because so many exciting new developments and enhancements keep popping up. It’s also because we can’t underscore enough how important it is for companies in the supply chain industry to participate in social media.

I thought it would be helpful to revisit some of our recent information, guides, and tips and tricks regarding social media use for B2B marketers. The following list encompasses both general, how-to-type instruction and more detailed advice for more advanced users.

I’ve segmented articles by platform and included a catch-all category at the bottom as well. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Shoot me an email to let me know what social media-related content you’d like to hear about on our blog.


LinkedIn is the most popular social network for B2B companies. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Learn about the free and paid methods LinkedIn offers to help you find and recruit new employees.

LinkedIn’s 433+ million member base presents an enormous opportunity for your company to earn new business. Start attracting those members to follow you.


One of the top social media sites for B2B marketers, Twitter can help businesses spread brand awareness and communicate with customers.

You may find yourself frequently strapped for quality tweeting material. Here are some ideas to not only fill your feed but to keep your followers interested and engaged.

Leverage insights from Twitter’s analytics dashboard to improve audience engagement, reach, and content development.

We did an experiment to determine the ideal frequency for posting on Twitter. The resulting numbers were abysmal. But that means the experiment worked.

Add stickers to your photos on Twitter to join in on real-time conversations about trending topics and to grow your audience.

Twitter is changing its rules on the 140-character limit for your tweets. Learn what’s going to be different.


Facebook Live offers businesses a new, creative platform for engaging customers. This article describes what marketers need to know about it and how to use it.


YouTube is a useful engagement tool for B2B marketers who want to reach the social network’s more-than-3-billion users. Learn how to get started in this article.

Get started creating YouTube videos for your business with these easy-to-use tools and ideas for content.

Learn how to improve the reach of your YouTube videos with these strategies for distribution.


Reddit is a gold mine for relevant, engaging content to share with your social media followers. Here’s how it works and how you can get started.

Other resources

Fronetics has developed this training specifically for business owners, marketers, and employees looking to learn more about social media and how they can contribute to their company’s success through these networks.

Fronetics has developed a comprehensive report exploring social media use in general and, specifically, within the logistics and supply chain industries.

Businesses are using social media as a strategic tool. This article explains the top three benefits companies in the logistics and supply chain industries can enjoy from participating on social platforms.

Your business should be on social media showing buyers that you know what they want and that your business can provide it.

A cross-departmental social media team can help your company get more out of social networking sites.

Participating in social media is not about earning followers; it’s about building relationships with your current and future customers.

If your social media strategy doesn’t align with your business objectives and target audience, your marketing budget is probably better spent elsewhere.