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What Benefits Can Social Media Offer the Supply Chain?

Companies within the logistics and supply chain industries are increasing customer engagement, market and business intelligence, leads, and more by participating in social media.

Results from a previous Fronetics survey tell us that 100% of responding companies in the logistics and supply chain industries consider social media a strategic tool. So how are they using these platforms, and what benefits are they getting from participating?

Below, find some highlights from that survey.

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Social media networks popular with the supply chain

According to the survey, the most popular networks are as follows.

  1. Twitter (94%)
  2. LinkedIn (86%)
  3. Facebook (77%)

YouTube (50%) and Google+ (45%) are networks which are also commonly used within the supply chain and logistics industries.

Reasons for using social media

Companies reported participating in social media for the following reasons.

  1. Increasing the visibility of their company (95%)
  2. Brand image (90%)
  3. Establishing the company as a thought leader (86%)
  4. Attracting new leads and customers (82%)  

Top benefits realized from social media participation

Companies reported the following benefits.

  1. Customer engagement: 80% of respondents reported that they agree or strongly agree that by participating in social media, their company has realized an increase in customer engagement.
  2. Market intelligence: 80% of respondents also reported that they agree or strongly agree that their company has realized an increase in market intelligence.
  3. Business intelligence: 73% responded that they agree or strongly agree that their company has realized increased business intelligence through participation in social media.

Other top benefits included increased leads and increased demand for products and services.

You can download the full report below for more information on how your industry peers are using social media. And don’t forget to participate in our new survey so that we can send you the latest information.

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