Facebook Ranks Reactions Higher than Likes and More Social Media News

Facebook Ranks Reactions Higher than Likes and More Social Media News

Here are the major headlines happening in social media news, specially curated for the supply chain, as of March 2017.

It’s not easy keeping pace with the latest happenings in the constantly evolving social media landscape — but it’s a must for your business. To help keep you up to date, here’s our monthly rundown of social media news for the supply chain.

Facebook algorithm ranks reactions higher than likes

Facebook announced earlier this month that it has tweaked its algorithm so that reactions “will affect post ranking slightly more than Likes.” The company cited its finding that reactions are an “even stronger signal” of what content users would like to see, but clarified that all reactions will continue to be weighed equally to one another.

YouTube introduces YouTube TV

After last month’s expansion of mobile live streaming and launch of super chat, the video juggernaut has now introduced YouTube TV, “with about 40 networks onboard to stream their live broadcasts and cable feeds to its subscribers.” The company and participating networks are set to sell ad inventory and share revenue, and the service will be based on subscriptions.

Google launches Meet by Google Hangouts

This one could be big for your business’ internal operations. Meet by Google Hangouts is a new video conferencing application designed for HD video meetings, joining Google’s lineup of business products known as G Suite. The product is “aimed at making it easy to access these calls while on the go, including dial-in numbers for those who are traveling, links you can join with just a click, and integration with Gmail and Calendar for G Suite users.”

Facebook globally launches Messenger Day

The company has launched a new way to share photos and videos “as they happen” in the Messenger app. Be sure to check out this Social Media Examiner post on how to use this new feature to market your business.

Twitter introduces analytics for Twitter Moments

The company has announced that analytics for Moments are now available to all Twitter users, allowing publishing partners and brand advertisers to track their content’s performance and gather insights on post interaction.

LinkedIn adds profile photo filters and editing tools for mobile

LinkedIn has introduced “a quick and easy way to enhance” profile photos with editing and filters right in its mobile app. Users can now “crop and edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, and vignette,” as well as choose from filters to enhance their profile photos.

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