Top social media articles of 2015

Social media marketing

Over the past year we have helped many clients both develop and execute social media strategies.  We have also disseminated information on how companies can use social media as an effective business tool.

Here are the top 10 social media articles from 2015:

1. 25 Ways to Generate More Leads Using Social Media

Leads are essential to the growth of your business, and your marketing strategy is built around finding and connecting with leads. So when 92% of all marketers indicate that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses, you should take note and make social media part of your prospecting strategy.  Read the full article.

2. The Role of Social Media in Supply Chain Management

The supply chain makes the world go round. In order to be one of the leaders in the chain, it’s important to remember that internet users make up nearly half of the world’s population and that social media is on the rise. Don’t miss that boat.  Read the full article.

3. How to Leverage Social Media in Transportation and Logistics

Many transportation and logistics companies think about social media and how to use it, but cite a lack of time as a reason they haven’t explored the various platforms. Thinking about how social media can work for your logistics or transportation company is the first stop towards progress.  Read the full article.

4. Logistics companies leverage social media for growth

Social media is an ideal marketing platform for small businesses because it can be relatively inexpensive but have a high impact on growth. With a targeted strategy in place and a little time, your company can cultivate your brand, engage with customers, and form business relationships. And because small companies can be nimble, you can continually adjust your strategy to ensure the return on investment keeps paying off.  Two companies that have seen social media to be effective: Coyote Logistics and Transplace.  Read the full article.

5. The Role of Social Media in Supply Chain Intelligence

The social economy is estimated to be $1.3 trillion U.S. dollars annually. Social media is more than a collection of personal commentary, photos, and inspirational quotes. Increasingly, social media creates an opportunity to gather information, and social media is becoming a useful tool for businesses to connect with other businesses and clients. Although Facebook is notorious for gathering information, social media companies are not the only companies who can gather intelligence.  Read the full article.

6. Using Digital and Social Media to Energize the Tired Trade Show

Offering unparalleled access to leads and face to face communication with prospects and customers, trade shows prove to be a successful marketing strategy for many companies. But is your company making the most of trade shows? Companies that integrate modern digital communication practices into tired trade show routines are likely to increase lead to customer conversion rates while shortening lead and sales cycles. Read the full article.

7. Social listening can increase revenue

Companies within the logistics and supply chain industries have been slower to participate in social media than other industries. The primary reason being because of a lack of understanding of what social media is and the role it can play for business. Unfortunately, companies who do not participate in social media miss out on opportunities – and revenue. Read the full article.

8. Social lurking won’t grow your business

Using the information and intelligence gathered is essential. There is; however, another critical element: engagement.  Engagement is a differentiator.  Without engagement you are a lurker.  You don’t want to be a lurker. Read the full article.

9. Social media is a strategic tool for logistics companies

Social media has been found to be a strategic tool for logistics companies.  Check out our infographic.  Read the full article.

10. Use social media to reduce returns

Through the use of social media you can enable consumers to make more informed purchase decisions.  Additionally, you can use social media to answer questions and better educate consumers on how to use your product thereby reduce no fault found returns. Read the full article.

Social media is an incredible tool; however, for it to be effective it must be driven by strategy, be consistent, and must have someone managing the execution.  At Fronetics, our social media strategists distribute content, curate content, engage your target audience, and monitor your social networks. We develop a social media strategy that aligns with your company’s goals.  We analyze your competition, classify your target audience & cultural attributes, identify the influencers in your industry, recommend platforms, detail best engagement practices, create social media schedules, and identify specific tactics that deliver results.  Through the proper execution of social media, your brand is given a voice and personality, and becomes more accessible to your target audience.


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