[Infographic] Content Marketing in Manufacturing: What Works, What Needs Work

Manufacturing is experiencing a graying of its industry. With millions of workers at or near retirement age, many top posts are occupied by workers who have seen radical changes in the workplace over the course of their careers. And while executives have largely embraced advances in technology to transform the operations side of manufacturing, research shows they’ve been slow to adapt marketing and sales processes using emerging digital tools and technology.

Earlier this year the Content Marketing Institute released its annual report on the current state of content marketing within the manufacturing industry. This year’s report shows that the manufacturing industry continues to make strides in leveraging digital tools for sales and marketing purposes. Still, because these efforts are fairly new, the report also captures a sense of ambiguity about these new marketing strategies, particularly when it comes to measuring program success. Other notable findings from the study reveal that more than two-thirds of manufacturers are using content marketing to build brand awareness, boost sales, and generate leads. The report also uncovers some marked changes between the most recent report and last year’s report; there has been a shift in both the way manufacturers are choosing to distribute content and their perceived effectiveness of those tactics.

Check out our Infographic for a more detailed look at the report’s findings:

Infographic content marketing in manufacturing

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