Develop the content, technology, and processes to empower your sales team to sell more efficiently at a higher velocity.

Set your sales team up for success with the following sales-enablement services:

Sales-process revision & management

  • Ongoing revision and improvement of the documented sales process
  • Monitoring sales goals and KPIs
  • Recommending and assisting with sales technology integrations
  • Implementing sales tools
  • Updating CTAs, landing pages, and other online assets

Sales-process audit & training

  • Full-day training for your sales team up to once per quarter
  • Training agendas, materials, support, etc.
  • Review of documented sales process, concurrent with updates to existing process
  • Weekly support and check-ins

Lead-generating landing pages

  • Lead-generating copywriting
  • Form creation
  • Development and web design
  • Calls-to-Action creation
  • Corresponding thank-you page creation

Sales content & strategy

Social media audit & prospecting strategy

  • Social tool setup
  • Performance audit
  • Social sales strategy development for sales team members

Analytics & reporting

  • Monthly snapshot sales reports
  • Comprehensive quarterly sales reports
  • Strategy development fro performance & process improvement

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